Skin Within

The skin

that I am in

is my own

For it is something that

 I could never loan

It is the bark on my bones

the shell on my back

It is the canvas of life

for the voice that I lack

With pictures and art

the story comes alive

Of a tree that stands tall

and branches that thrive

With ink alone

I tell a tale

of a tragedy that has become one to hail

To a loved one that has passed

with initials to last

KMI is what I honor

For as someone as special as my father

on my right side it is where it lays

hanging, sitting, it only sways

It is there for all to see

but make no mistake they are only for me

The paper of my life

the heart of my soul

My body has never felt so whole

it is mine to keep

and no ones to touch

For I have never loved my skin so much


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