What is a genius?


This week’s blog is about defining the  word” genius”. To me, a genius is someone who goes above and beyond with ideas and thoughts. I believe a genius is someone who looks past their own knowledge and recognizes that there are endless possibilities for to an answer to one question. A person who realizes that a simple answer is not the correct answer can see past what is there and look for what is not. If you judge a person based on something that is as impossible as a fish climbing a tree, then that person will always think he or she is stupid. When judging someone by how smart they are, I believe there has to be room to judge what is possible rather than what is impossible. If you predispose a person to an idea such as labeling them as stupid, that person will never learn to  see past the label in front of them. I believe a genius is someone who goes out to look for more knowledge rather than stay where he or she is  because just like the fish and the tree,  if a fish is not taught or told anything else other than what it is , it will never know its own potential or learn how to be a better smarter fish.


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